Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Creative Brush with Brushes - Using Toothbrush/Mermaid Brushes for Blending

 Hello, Crafty Makers!
After much cogitation, I have finally entered the Realm of The much touted "Mermaid/Toothbrush Blending Tool." 
Hex Appeal
To color this stencil, I used three brush sizes (only two are pictured below).  Additionally, to test and compare the two brands, I used brushes from both the Laromni and DSC Beauty brand. I was pleased with the performance of both brushes. I was able to control the ink application to achieve the look I wanted.
Ode To Jessie
For this project, I used the Laromni brushes exclusively.  I must admit that the Laromni set is probably the better of the two.  I just like the feel of these brushes in my hand when I am coloring or blending, the process seems smoother but, as I wrote previously, both do a good job of blending and coloring.
 Two brushes were used to color this project.  Because of all the tight spaces, having a thinner brush made it easy to get into all the crevices between the petals. Details for this project can be found here
Cleaning the brushes between colors is a simple matter of brushing them across a microfiber cloth.  This takes seconds and speeds up the work process. 
The DSC Beauty Brush Set came complete with 10 brushes and this handy drying/storage rack.  I ordered a drying stand on Ali Express ($5.06 + $1.79 for shipping) for my Laromni Brush Set.  These stands are convenient and reduce desktop clutter.
The only true difference I spotted in the brushes was the head size.  The Laromni brushes are just slightly larger. 
The Laromni Brush Set 
 Now that I am using these brushes on a frequent basis, I have taken this chart and fashioned one that helps me decide which type of brushes work best on my stamps and stencils.  
For Example, the Hexagon Stencil would be 09, 05, and 04.

 Why I switched to Mermaid/Toothbrush Blending Tools.

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These products are currently available on Amazon.  Click the image for pricing and other information.


  1. Chana, thanks for the design tip - someone had mentioned the makeup brushes to me, and I was thinking old school - NOW I get it LOL - your creations look marvelous - especially the hex shapes in various sizes, and the gorgeous "Ode to Jessie" creation. Beautifully done! hugs, de

  2. Thanks, Donna! I am addicted to these brushes already!

  3. The hexagon one with different big small and the biggest one looks so cool, beautifully done and the ODE TO JESSIE card is so adorable
    I think I can search this bruses too in Germany
    let me see
    Thanks for the info Chana
    have a great friday

    1. Hi, Monika! Thanks for stopping by! I think you will love the brushes.

  4. Oooh wow - great application through he stencils! Thanks for your lovely review and stunning cards,

    Thanks for playing along at Aud Sentiments,

    Hugz Tinz

    (I can't seem to find a link back to our blog though?)

  5. Sorry about that! I must have removed it accidentally when I was fixing my product links. It has been added back. Thanks for the nice compliment and your fun challenge.

  6. Beautiful card, and thanks for the tutorial on these brushes. Love how you picked up a nice variety of the colors from the board. My daughter just recently got hers and she loves out to the store for me. Thanks for sharing with us at Color Dare.

  7. Love all those hexagons!! Wonderful card! Thank you for joining us at Color Dare.

  8. Great card! I am such a fan of hexagons! I love the muted look of the inked stencil design. Thanks for joining us at Color My Heart Color Dare #329.

  9. That floral card is gorgeous. You have inspired me. Thank you for sharing your creation at Color My Heart Dare. 💙☕Miss.Carrie

  10. A great design. Very beautiful cards. Thank you for joining our challenge in Crafting With An Attitude.
    Bożena DT CWAA


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