Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Love Affair with Kraft Paper Continues: A "Krafty Keepsake Box"

Hello, Crafty Makers!
Just a quick share today of a project that caught my eye due to its simplicity and because it is constructed with Kraft cardstock!

My "Krafty Keepsake Box"
 The original design of the box was from "Mixed Up Craft."  She used adhesive wood veneer sheets to give her box the wooden effect but I decided not to do that.  This was a "stash reduction" project and I did not want to buy anything.
I particularly like the hinged top.  I had planned to give this box as a gift but I had a few "oops" moments and decided I would keep it for my personal use.  The velvet paper used to line the bottom has been in my stash for about six years.  I was amazed at how perfectly it matched my CS.
Isn't this just a terrific die cut?  The die is made by Xcut and is called "Floral Panel."  The tropical foliage themed paper worked quite well.
My little project found a home in the sitting area of my master bedroom.  A few of my other projects have found a home on my dressing table.

This is a basic box project, but if you want to follow the original tutorial, click HERE

Thanks, for stopping by!
Chana Malkah


  1. Gorgeous Chana!
    I too am a fan of kraft cardstock!
    WOW look at all the space you have in your master bedroom!
    So lovely to have that sitting space and I adore your dressing table! So pretty!

    1. Thanks, Donna! I am in the Kraft card zone right now. The Hubster gave me that dresssing table as a b'day gift about six years ago. He found it in an antique store that was closing. It has a stool but I use the stool as a decor piece in the hallway outside the MB.

  2. Your keepsake box is gorgeous, Chana. And your sitting area looks some comfortable and inviting!

  3. Thanks, Sheila! This summer, if the good Lord is willing and the creek don't rise, you and I will have our long delayed crafting day. Hugz!


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